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Contact information:

Email: kpreble at albany dot edu


University at Albany, State University of New York (2021): Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science

Northwestern University (2017): Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration (MPPA)

St. John’s University (2015): Master of Arts in Government and Politics, concentrating in international relations with a minor in comparative politics.

St. John’s University (2015): Advanced Certificate in International Law and Diplomacy 

University of Melbourne (2003): Bachelor of Arts in art history and classical archaeology


Peer Reviewed:

Early, Bryan R. and Keith A. Preble. 2021. “Chapter 23: Grand Strategy and the Tools of Economic Statecraft.” Oxford Handbook of Grand Strategy. Eds. Thierry Balzacq and Ronald R. Krebs. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Early, Bryan R. and Keith A. Preble. 2020. “Going Fishing Versus Hunting Whales: Explaining Variation in the United States’ Enforcement of Economic Sanctions.” Security Studies 29(2): 231-267. 

Public Scholarship:

Preble, Keith A. 2021. “Sanctions reform should start with the Treasury Office Enforcing them.” War on the Rocks.

Brockmann, Kolja and Keith A. Preble. 2021. “Mitigating Humanitarian Impact in a Complex Sanctions Environment: The European Union and the Sanctions Regimes against Iran.” Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Early, Bryan R. and Keith Preble. 2021. “The Past, Present, and Future of U.S. Sanctions Enforcement.” War on the Rocks.

Early, Bryan R. and Keith A. Preble. 2020. “Enforcing US Economic Sanctions: Why Whale Hunting Works.” The Washington Quarterly 43(1): 159-172.

Early, Bryan R. and Keith A. Preble. 2019. “Trends in U.S. Sanctions Enforcement during the Trump Administration.” Compliance and Enforcement (blog), New York University. 

Preble, Keith and Bryan R. Early. 2018. “‘Sanctions Busting’: The Risks and Rewards to those Trying to Circumvent the System.” June 15.

Early, Bryan R. and Keith Preble. 2017. “America needs Europe’s help with sanctions. It may not get it.” Monkey Cage (via Washington Post). August 24.

Teaching Experience:

Summer 2021/Wintersession 2022

Summer: RPOS 101: Introduction to American Politics (UAlbany)

Winter: RPOS 351: European Politics (UAlbany)

Spring 2021

RPOS 383: American Foreign Policy (UAlbany)

CEHC 310: Research and Writing Seminar (UAlbany, CEHC)

Fall 2020

RPOS 351: European Politics (UAlbany)

CEHC 343: Homeland Security (UAlbany)

Summer 2020

RPOS 383: American Foreign Policy (UAlbany, Summer Session, 6-Week 3, online course)

Spring 2020

CEHC 310: Research and Writing Seminar (UAlbany, CEHC)

RPOS 375: International Organization (UAlbany)

Fall 2019

RPOS 383: American Foreign Policy (UAlbany)

Summer 2019

RPOS 101: Introduction to American Politics, (UAlbany, Summer Session, 6-Week 3)


Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (IQMR), June 16-28, 2019, Syracuse University

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research, June 25-August 17, 2018

Research Assistantships:

August 2018-August 2021: Research Assistant, Center for Policy, University at Albany, SUNY


IQMR (Institute for Qualitative and Multi-method Research), Syracuse University, June 2019.

ICPSR, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Summer 2018. (I received a Political Science Scholarship from ICPSR to attend both summer sessions.)


For a detailed list of conference papers and presentations, please download my CV.

PhD Courses Taken:

Methods Courses:
Political Inquiry
Qualitative Methods
Quantitative Methods
Advanced Quantitative Methods
Categorical/Discrete & Multilevel Regression Models
Multivariate Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data

International Relations Coursework
Field Seminar in International Relations
American Foreign Policy
International Political Economy
Global Security
Global Governance
Weapons of Mass Destruction

Comparative Politics Coursework
Field Seminar in Comparative Politics
Government and Politics in the People’s Republic of China
Politics of Southeast Asia
Political Violence, Insurgency, and Terrorism 

Communism and Post-Communist Political Systems 
Comparative Public Policy
Contentious Politics 

Political Science Coursework:
American Political Theory 
Field Seminar in Public Policy

Professional Associations:

American Political Science Association (APSA)
New York State Political Science Association (NYSPSA)
International Studies Association (ISA)
Peace Science Society (PSS)